Evita Eleftheroudaki
Broker, Owner
Real Estate Agent,
Real Estate Appraiser

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After 22 years working as a journalist and on the occasion of buying my own house back in 2006, but also as the granddaughter of one of the first members of the Attica Athens Realtors Association, I decided to change my profession and start a new career at the real estate business.

My father, a civil engineer, introduced me to the value of real estate, while my mother, a well-known professional painter, introduced me to aesthetics.

However, nothing was more helpful to my new career than my previous service in the media, my excellent knowledge of reporting and my belief in the law of journalism that "we never reveal our sources".

I started as a partner for Domeland, a real estate and construction company, and a year later I set up the Epsilon Team. Evita Eleftheriou Eleftheroudaki with daughter Esmeralda. How else except Epsilon Team could I name the family real estate agency!

During the process of specialty learning, I contacted colleagues in European capitals as well as in the American states. The discussions with them were very instructive, however, I had to adapt the systems they used into the Greek standards, so I did.

Greece is not the USA. Not even London or Munich. It was impossible to let foreign colleagues understand why a customer wants to sell without advertising. I gas giving them the example of a businessman who wishes to sell his house. Living in a small society, a businessman's house is known to all the other businessmen in the country, which is why the seller does not want publicity. Even if he sells consciously to replace one house with another, he is always afraid that his friends and acquaintances will say that he sells out of necessity. The key word: discretion. A Greek peculiarity, which, although it makes our work difficult, does not cease to be a reality and in fact respected, by me at least.

In the third year of my real estate career, I did photoshop courses. It was my clients' demand to alter the works of art on their property for security reasons, even the facades of their houses so that they are not recognizable but without hiding the basic elements that will make the buyer choose them.

Every year I add something new to my knowledge but also to the knowledge of the team.

Under the guidance of our excellent photographer George Savviadis, I learned and taught the team how to photograph a property so that the actual sizes of the spaces can be stand out and not to alter the photos, with the result that the client sees one thing on the sites and another in the actual viewing.

The truth was and remains the main value of all of us on the Epsilon team.

My basic requirement for all the members who would be part of the team, was first of all to be aware of the property we undertake in every detail and to inform the buyer about everything, while providing solutions to possible problems.

I wanted to be the solution to success and not the reason for the failure of a purchase.

That is why we did not join any multinational agency or any brand that requires the creation of branches with “random passers-by” and unlicensed brokers.

My passion for exclusive private service has been and remains a guide for all my business moves.

I dreamed of a real estate boutique and I appreciate that I succeeded.

Evita Eleftheroudaki