Vania Houliara

Interior and exterior designer, with studies in Greece and abroad (Lanscape Architect, MA Interior Architectural Design Univesity of Derby, UK), associate of a large architectural office specializing in B.I.M (Building Information Modeling).

She is been collaborating with the Epsilon Team for the last 10 years and is in charge of the interior decoration of shops, houses and hotels in Attica, Cyclades and Crete.

The important thing in her work is her innovative imaginative but also very functional approaches, which, however, never come into conflict with the needs and tastes of the owners who trust her.

Each approach she takes is completely different from the previous ones, even when the architectural plans are similar. No property she has studied is like any other. Because, as she characteristically says, "interior decoration is the imprint of every human being and no fingerprint is the same".

All of the proposals are delivered to the client with a 3D presentation, so that he knows in advance what every corner of his property will be like, so to ask if he needs changes and to put his personal touch before the completion of the project.